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Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Dermal Fillers, Hair Restoration, Skin Booster and Lipolysis


Botox Treatment

Are you looking for Botox service in Oakville Ontario? If so, then you have come to the right place. You see our faces convey our emotions. After years of facial expressions and exposure to the sun and different environments, the smooth surface of youthful skin begins to develop fine lines around the eyes and between the brows. It’s no secret that Women tend to demonstrate more emotions than men and their skin tends to be more sensitive and delicate. For this reason, lines can appear to be more prominent and highly exaggerated.

These fine lines can highlight our age and make the face appear tired and worn.

Best Laser Hair Removal
in Oakville

For many people living in Oakville Ontario, laser hair removal is a far better option than tweezing, waxing, or constantly shaving in an effort to be rid of unwanted hair. The most common targets for Laser Hair Removal in Oakville are the legs, face, arms, underarms, back, and the bikini line.


Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Dermal Fillers, Hair Restoration, Skin Booster and Lipolysis


Botox Treatment

More and more people are turning to Botox as a means of smoothing out inevitable wrinkles and lines between the brow (glabellar lines). Because the changes are subtle, it is possible to get treatments and keep it your little secret.

At Oakville Cosmetics, we offer this non-surgical procedure as just one of the many ways you can treat your facial skin and enhance your appearance. Botox Cosmetic is an effective and gentle treatment that requires absolutely no incisions or surgery to achieve the results you’ve always wanted: smoother, more youthful looking and healthier skin that erases so many years from your appearance.

Dermal Fillers Treatment

At Oakville Cosmetics, our dermal fillers are an effective, relatively simple method to address many of the wrinkles, folds, creases, and sunken and hollowed cheeks that can occur as a result of the body’s natural aging process. Fillers are also used to provide both men and women with fuller lip lines.

At Oakville Cosmetics, our Dermal Filling involves injecting a clear, biodegradable gel into the area you want to fill. The gel used is naturally founded in human body.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a natural procedure of repairing body tissues when it comes to hair restoration. It would be completely wrong to consider this therapy as a form of blood doping because it is very far from blood doping.

This is a therapy wherein blood is normally extracted and then broken into many platelets. Now, this blood rich in platelet is injected in the affected region of the head so that it can help in muscle repair and hair restoration.

However, the therapy should not be considered only for the positive results that it fetches but the side effects of this therapy should also be kept in mind. It is a completely natural procedure.

Skin Booster Treatment

Our skin boosters can be used not only to improve the quality of facial skin, but also to improve exposed and sensitive areas such as the neck, neckline and hands, and areas of scars due to acne.

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